Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tunes Tuesday (Because I Didn't Do Music Monday hohohohoho)

Due to unforeseeable circumstances (me actually having some sort of social life) I didn't get around to doing a Music Monday. But fret not my little kittens, for I will make up for it with a Tunes Tuesday. Which will hopefully not become a reoccurring feature here on IAS.

This, my friends, is alt-j (∆). They are a band. They are a great band. I first discovered them when I was roaming on vimeo due to my interest in film and animation. I stumbled upon this video...

I was immediately in love. The music video was so inventive and the song was just so strange and beautiful. Breezeblocks has since been featured in a video I produced for Project Second Chances (see my about me for a little explanation on that) as well as many long car rides. I just can't get sick of it. Alt-j is just very dark electronic/ indie pop/ alternative GOODNESS. I have recommended them to every single person who would listen to my blabber and everyone has loved them. This is a sign. From the flying spaghetti monster (it's a real religion, google it). Check them OUT.

Now, I must go forth and study profusely for a test I have tomorrow. Oh the summer school woes. I will see y'all soon!

Until next time,

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