Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OOTD: I Own More Than Two Shirts, I Promise

--- Outfit Details ---
Skirt: Thrifted
Button Up: Thrifted
Shoes: Ross, several years ago

The first outfit post I did, I was wearing this denim button up as a sort of cover up over a bodycon dress that I felt made me look like a strange individual without some sort of jacket on over it. Now, I wear it as a button up with the space skirt that I sewed! More like, altered. I blogged about this pretty little number a while back but to refresh our memories, I shall explain again. This used to be a very tight-in-the-wrong-places polyester halter dress. I was not a fan of it in that form. But the print was just so amazing,  I could not pass it up. I bought it and chopped off the top and bottom and hemmed them both. I decided not to add any elastic because it was already very form fitting. A body con skirt, of sorts. And I am absolutely smitten with it.

It's pretty hard for me to do these outfit posts, not only because I use a combination of tripod and tree balancing camera strap skills to take these photos. But also because I don't dress very interestingly on a day to day basis. Being in summer school and actually seeing real people should encourage me to dress nicer. But alas, I do not. So I'm trying my best here.

Anyways, have a great Wednesday! I will see y'all soon.

Until next time,

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