Thursday, June 7, 2012

OOTD: Birthday Suit

Hello, friends. I frolicked around in my forest of a backyard trying to find a branch to hang my camera from. That is how much this blog means to me. So much. So much.

---Outfit Details---
Dress: Birthday present from my sister! Pacsun.
Shirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Ross... 2 years ago.

Psssst! My hair is still blue. It's crazy. But it's starting to turn green. Which is not too fun. Let's see how this plays out in the long run. That rhymed I am the next Shakespeare.

I'm looking forward to doing a lot more OOTD's and other things of that nature (get it? nature? like trees?) in my backyard and hopefully bringing out a tripod instead of resting my camera on a fence or hanging it by the strap on a sturdy tree branch. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting outfit going on next time too, but I just wanted to show off what I got for my birthday :3

In other news, summer school is really not too bad. So I can hopefully stick to that schedule I posted for the remainder of summer. I'll try my best herm herm herm. 

Anyways, I hope you guys are all enjoying your summers and are not subjected to actual LEARNING or anything. I'm having enough fun for all of us, trust me.

Until next time,

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