Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: The Yugos

Hey guys! So I sort of did a Music Monday feature when I started this blog a week or so ago. But I did not officially dub it "Music Monday" (plus, I don't think it was a Monday...) However, I'm going to have a new feature on It's Always Sunny where I share one of my favorite bands or songs. Every Monday, for your ear enjoyment. So here we go!

One band that I cannot get enough of is The Yugos. Now, one can just say that and essentially be lying. HOWEVER. I will have you all know that I have only bought maybe 3 CDs in my time (one of them being Hillary Duff, thank you) and The Yugos self titled album was one of them. Everything on this album is perfect to put into heavy rotation in your summer playlists. You can download Break the Rules for free on their bandcamp, or the whole album for only $8. Which is cheap for the KOALA-TEA of these tunes. So definitely check them out (Bandcamp or Facebook or Myspace). They are amazing.

That is all for today, guys. It's about time I get to studying. Thank goodness for Kamehameha day because I was really not into the whole idea of getting up at 6 this morning. But anyways, have a great Monday!

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