Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fire Trucks and Fathers Day

Today after 4 games of excruciatingly boring and tiring (I HAVE BRUISES ON MY FINGERS) games of bowling, I went to the fire station to visit my dad at work! Here are some tidbits from today's adventures...

I feel pretty lucky to be able to do these kinds of things with my family. I've grown up going to help cook dinner at the station, becoming closer with other firefighter's families, and watching my dad go from a banker to a firefighter; something he truly loves. 
I've always thought I was destined to ivy league colleges and pursuing majors that are of little to no interest to me, purely because it was good money and what would make my parents proud. But then I think of the poster we still have hanging by our front door, with little checked off boxes that symbolized how many days my dad had left in training for the fire department. I think of getting up at 6 in the morning to watch the Country Music Channel with him and letting him practice bandaging on my arms or legs or little noggin. I think of standing outside with him as I read off steps on a sheet of paper that were supposed to help him with studying for some sort of firefighter promotion test. 
Thinking about all these things made me realize that if I truly love something, then money should be no object. As long as I love doing it and I try my best, my parents will be proud of me. Just like we were so proud of my dad upon graduating recruit class.

Happy Fathers Day, daddy. Thank you for teaching me the importance of doing what you love, not just what is expected of you. *And I really hope you don't read this with me sitting right behind you or something. That's embarrassing.*

Until next time,

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  1. The. Best. Father's. Day. Gift......EVER! Loved doing all that stuff with you and look forward to doing more. Next thing? Sliding down the pole!