Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life Lately

Hello hello hello! I have been quite occupied lately and it feels AWESOME. Being a busy bee is always much more fun than sitting on the couch eating potato chips all day. Here's whats been happening in my life lately.

1. I finally organized my closet and chose some old clothes to sell to friends or donate. It was nice to get all the old things out so there was room for all my new thrifty finds :3
2. Ripping shoulder pads out of some vintage clothes was the beginning of a long process of getting Sweetie Pie Vintage up and running. I am making progress here. I swear.
3. Threw out the old broken sewing machine and moved this baby into it's new nook. No more sewing on the floor and kitchen table, thank goodness.
4. Working on some projects for the blog and store. I experimented with a bow tie that I'll need to get a clip for or some black elastic to attach it to for a headband. Hooray for finding tons of fabric to work with whilst cleaning.
5. Found an amazing spaceship print on a horrid halter dress at Savers, so I cut and sewed into a bodycon skirt. I love love love it.
6. LUNCH. Because even busy 16 year olds have to take a break sometimes. Now, for a toasted tuna sammich. I'M TRYING TO BE HEALTHY HERE.

You guys can follow me on instagram @alissadeli if you feel so inclined. I try to keep it updated, but it's hard to do with my first generation iPhone. Which I can't even use as a phone. I'm really into the technology scene, guiseeee. Have a great Sunday and I will see y'all tomorrow with a new feature: Music Monday!

Until next time,

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