Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog Planning (Or So I Thought...)

Blog planning at 11 at night. Good idea Alissa. Nothing could go wrong there. Nothing.

So, if you can read that chicken scratch in the above photo, you would see that I was supposed to do an Outfit of the Day today. However, I neglected to remember that I AM SORT OF LAZY. I do not get dressed until 11. On a good day. And my favorite blogs have everything posted for the day by morning time. So obviously that was not going to work today. So instead, I will explain all the features that I hope to have on this blog in the near future.
  • Outfit of the Days
  • Trend Watch
  • DIYs
  • Favorite World Wide Web Finds
  • Favorite Thrifty Finds
  • Music Mondays
  • Food Bloggin' cause I LOVE FOOD
  • And just general lifestyle things

I plan on posting every day or every other day over the summer. Depends on how busy I am between summer school, summer homework, Sweetie Pie Vintage, and applying for a real job (which I will hopefully get.) But for now, let's just stick to this plan. Since I'm already off to a rough start.

Until next time,

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