Thursday, June 14, 2012

Makeup Blogging is Hard

I thought this would be really touch and go. Sit in front of a mirror with a camera in hand and take pictures after each step of my makeup. How hard is that? Well Alissa. It was very hard. Getting the camera to focus, trying to get the colors to actually show up accurately, trying not to poke my eyes out. It was tough. So bear with me as we all embark on this wonderful makeup journey after the jump!

Below are all the brushes and shadows used. They're numbered to help when I'm giving instructions. Less confusing for everyone.

Costco brushes! And one HIP shadow brush.
Sephora Limited Edition Shadow Palette
Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette
Shadow 1- Light shimmery white
Shadow 2- Dark brown
Shadow 3- Lighter cork brown
Shadow 4- Shimmery black
Shadow 5- Dark gold
Shadow 6- Matte black

Let's get started!

Apply Shadow 1 with Brush 1 into the inner corner of your eye.
Apply Shadow 2 with Brush 2 all over the lid, extending slightly above the crease and blending only slightly with Shadow 1.
Apply Shadow 3 with Brush 2 directly over Shadow 2.
Apply Shadow 4 with Brush 2 over the other two shadows.
Apply Shadow 5 with Brush 2 directly over the other three shadows.
Apply Shadow 4 and 6 on the outer V to contour the eye and add dimension.
Line the upper lashline and lower *outer* third with a black liner.
Highlight below the brow bone with Brush 6 and a light creme shadow, mascara, and fill in brows.

Voila! It's pretty simple and fairly wearable. Though I've been known to go a little extreme with the darkness of my makeup. It looks great on every skin tone and it never hurts to have mastered a smokey eye.

That's it for today girls. I hope you learned something helpful, and I shall see you all tomorrow with my Friday Favorites!

Until next time,

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