Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Again, Friend of a Friend (An Instagram/Life Update)

LONG TIME NO SEE, MY BLOGGING COMPADRES. I have missed blogging, definitely. But once summer really got going, I was having too much fun galavanting around in the real world to blog. And then school started and I was too busy tearing out all my hair from stress (I took a test in AP Psychology and found that my stress level is dangerously high. I need more  bubble baths and less caffeine.) So now I will update you on my life happenings as of late, and throw around an empty promise stating that I will blog on the regs. This time I hope I mean it.

1. My family from Oregon visited for a week for my sisters graduation party! I loved having them here and the beach house they rented was wicked (the picture shown is the kitchen. MANY MORE PICTURES TO COME.) I can't wait to have them all back.
2. I had to go to the Emergency Room for the first time since elementary school. I caught the flu and ended up with a terribly high fever (at that point it was up to 103.7) and I could not stop vomiting. I got an IV which was mega cool and started feeling better almost immediately. They fed me ice chips :3
3. Tried this whole turban trend for the first time. I'm still unsure about my feelings concerning this piece of fabric wrapped around one of the sweatiest parts of my body.
5. Bought a very pretty dress (my new favorite) from my BFFFFFFF Jackie's garage sale!
6. And alas, the start of school. I have only been in school for 2 and a half weeks now and I've already stayed up until 2 studying. I LOVE EDUCATION!!!
7. Journalism journalism journalism. I shot a football game on Saturday. My favorite part is always going through the photos afterwards and finding that one gem where the players tackled each other in such an intimate fashion that you just have to giggle a bit.

Welp, that has been pretty much it in regards to my life lately. I will try with all my might to start posting more AWESOME things on soon. I have several recipes and sewing projects that I wouldn't mind sharing with y'all.

Until next time,

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