Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm Still Here! I Still Blog!

Hi guys! It certainly has been a while, doncha' say. I'm sorry for my unannounced absence but it's been really hard for me to balance all of my commitments lately. Between work and school and ventures in creating, it left me barely any time to blog. While I do love blogging, I realize that I can't sacrifice my grades or my precious sleep in order to post a new recipe or a new outfit. So while my presence won't be as prominent on IAS as it was during the summer, I will try extra hard to provide you guys with some fun new posts.

But aside from that, work and school have been going great! I hit a rough patch in school where I would get home at 10:30 from work and then be too tired to do anything (including homework) and I started to psych myself out. But winter break has really given me a lot of time to relax and think about my priorities.

I hope to be talking to y'all soon. I'm gonna head over to University of Hawaii tomorrow to visit my dearest Jackie and cook her some chicken alphabet soup so hopefully I can take a few pictures and share them with you guys.

Until next time,

P.S. Take two moments to listen to this song. It's the best.

Shiver Shiver by Walk The Moon on Grooveshark

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